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The Thing About Thinking Thoughts

We’re all human. That’s why we do this thing we do. You know…
The thing about thinking thoughts.

We think, and we over-think. Through our thoughts, we stumble onto revelation which in itself pleases us so much that we need to think all the more. What makes it dangerous is that we believe we are alone, we believe we are unique, we believe we are about to embark upon some undiscovered formula, some ancient secret meaning of life. We isolate ourselves with our thoughts and believe we are to improve our lives through improved thinking. We believe the lies we think to ourselves.

At the end of the day, we are who we are, we've thought, we've acted, we've thought about acting out. There is no change except for the changes we consciously make through action. Thought plays a secondary role to action; however action absent of thought is impulsive. Impulsivity seeds ignorance. Ignorance comes from misdirected thoughts, not from lack of thought at all.

One may think that the thought you are thinking when you think that you understand the thought behind my words, (which are often thought of as an example of over-thinking yet lacking forethought) could indeed be a sign that you think you’re smart, but you’re not smart, your fucked.