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All I can be is just me... Here I am for all to see, love me or leave me alone.


I feel compelled to put out a disclaimer... There are some newbies to my world that may appreciate this, and some oldies who might want a refresher, so here goes.

I've been through my share of shit, and there will be more as sure as the sun rises and sets. The only people in my life who ever did me any good were the ones who had the balls to stand up to me and tell me when I was off the mark.

So if you're going through shit, and your behavior is causing you more harm than good, I'm gonna call you on it whether you want to hear it or not, whether you ask me or not. Here's why... Because I care? Yes, that's one reason... Bigger than that, it's because I expect the same from you in return when you see me acting a fool. If you can't stand up to me, you're afraid of me, and if you're afraid of me, you're not a true friend to me. I don't want someone to kiss my ass and tell me I'm right when I'm blatantly wrong... That's not a friend.

We can't see the apple on top of our own heads, it's nice when someone holds our hand and helps us out of harms way. It makes us want to help another person when we see it happening to them later on, perhaps our own children. It's inevitable, we ALL fuck up. We need each other to get through the hard shit sometimes, no matter how much pride we have, no matter how hell bent we are to do it ourselves.

So if I offer up some sort of perspective, know that it's not advice, it's not an attack, it's not criticism, it's an alternative viewpoint. That's all. Take it, leave it, chew on it, or fuck it. I wouldn't listen if I didn't care and if you expect me to listen, know I'm going to share my thoughts. Know that my thoughts aren't EVER going to kiss your ass or stroke your ego. Know that my thoughts arise from my own experience and the pain that I had to endure to get where I am today. Know that if you hold the title of my friend, I love you enough to be real with you.