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Faith Based on YOU

Faith is not something that need be proven.
One either has faith, or does not.
No Faith is ever wrong; all Faith is equal.
Where you place your Faith is your business.
No human can strip you of your Faith.
Faith judges not, Faith hates not; Faith declares no war.
Faith is not religion, Faith knows no bounds.
Faith is Hope, Faith is Love; Faith is Grace and Dignity.

At times we are overwhelmed; we may not see a way out. Faith is what allows us to let go of the excess weight of these burdens and accept that whatever comes next is a necessary part of our journey.

Faith allows us to brush ourselves off and take the next step. Our enlightenment shows in the way that we carry ourselves through and out of life’s difficult days, the way that we reflect back on our struggles and what we learn about ourselves from the process.

Enlightenment can last for moments but no award or trophy can be displayed, it takes action to maintain. It is seen by others as spiritual growth, positive light, and serenity. I see it as a power of example.

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