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Surreality: When Your Country is Having a Manic Episode

When people lie and contradict themselves do you call therm out or do you silently watch and listen just to see how far they'll run with their bullshit? I used to watch, then I started calling people out, today I'm at a loss, I'm tapping out, admittedly powerless.

A fatuous, rich guy spews outlandish claims, false accusations, contradicting promises and mundane catch phrases. His local audience once entertained, suddenly can no longer get a grasp on how to process the absurdity of his antics.

When that same obnoxious, rich white guy becomes the leader of a nation, a now global audience stands paralyzed, watching more closely, unamused, horrified.

What seemed so surreal before, so ludicrous, so impossible; has indeed become an irreversable work of historical nonfiction.

This kind of reality warrants escape. The convoluted web of selfish, greedy, closed minded, hate mongers that make up local, city, state and federal government is too tangled to cut through. Let Washington fuck up Washington.

Resurrect the hippy movement, organize peace rallies. We must gather together with positive people who truly care about the well-being of The PEOPLE.

Abandon the pull off social media, trashy television programming and soulsucking video games. Focus on our children, teaching life lessons and lost skills... like patience, tolerance, work ethic, accountability for ones actions, and how to cope... with loss, with life and with general disappointment.

It does not matter what color your skin is, who your parents were, what country you were born in. If you stand for peace, freedom, love, honesty and kindness, you are one of us.

We can join together and become large enough to make a difference in this crazy world.

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